Financial expert

  • Consultant and expert in tax affairs, insurance and human resources and analysis of resources and information and financial statements
  • Consultant and executor of construction projects
  • Consultant and financial manager of civil projects,
  • pipelines, oil and gas and wellhead facilities
  • Familiar with import and export affairs, customs affairs and customs clearance
  • Executor and consultant in matters related to building permits and permits and obtaining agreement in principle
  • Stock market expert and consultant
  • Familiar with construction and construction projects

Educational records and qualifications obtained:

  • Accounting expert of Islamic Azad University
  • Passing technical analysis courses from Aria Share Economic Studies Company
  • Obtaining a degree in fundamental analysis and familiarity with stock exchange concepts from Aria Sahm Economic Studies Company
  • Passing the pilot course of ultralight and light aircraft from the blue sky radius pilot school
  • System Partner Software, System Solutions, Attachment, Ryan, Accountant and ….
    Completion of ISO 9001 – 9002 courses and ISO 22000 courses (HACCP)

Resume :

  • Consultant and financial manager of food products company
  • Consultant and financial manager in Aria Sahm Economic Studies Company
  • Consultant, financial manager and operator of pipelines in Soroush Sanat Pars Company, ranked 3rd in oil and gas
  • Financial consultant in Tehran Shineh Company, member of the Association of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering and Contracting Companies
  • Consultant and manager of human resources and executor of Civil Saz Erikeh company regarding the construction and implementation of location and civilization of oil and gas wells
  • Financial consulting in Heram Sazeh Company in the field of civil engineering, construction and construction and equipping of refinery projects
  • Financial and human resources manager at Farazlad Bastan Company (Hippotrip) in the field of tourism and travel services
  • Finance and Human Resources Manager at Hami Fanavari Andisheh javanan (Knowledge-based)

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